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Packing Services, Hampton, VA

Organized, Properly Placed, and Padded Packing

Packing is one of the most stressful parts of moving, fitting everything just right into the boxes and making sure everything is padded properly. Don’t let packing stress you out, at Dudley Moving Co., let us provide the packing services for you.

We take great care in packing every single one of your items. Our packing services are some of the best around. We make sure each item is properly placed into a box and padded appropriately for you. We also take great care in making sure nothing is broken during our packing services.

Our packing services include trained and professional packers. Whether they pack, unpack, or both, you can rest assured they will take great care of your possessions. We make sure heavy items go on the bottom, while lighter items stay on the top. This way, things are not crushed or broken during transport.

At Dudley Moving Co. Hampton, we use high-quality packing materials. Our boxes are strong and sturdy to last through the entire move and even longer. We pack each room separately, so your living room will stay with living room stuff, and so on. We make it easy to find your items when you need to. We seal each box with strong packing tape so there is no risk of boxes opening during the ride.

Our packing services will take the stress off of the hardest part of moving. Let us do the hard work for you. “There isn’t anything a good ol’ boy can’t move.” Remember, active-duty military men and women get a 10% discount. If in the Hampton Roads, VA area, call us today for an estimate on our packing services.


Packing/unpacking: $100 for 2 hours, $40 a hour for each additional hour

                                   $100-150 packing material fee